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Oakland is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States. It is known as the center of the African-American community in California. With a brand of being progressive and home to many LGBTQ families, “diversity” is more than a buzzword. With its ever-evolving phase on its multicultural exchanges, Oakland invented the word “Hella,” inspired the Walt Disney’s children theme park, designed the first popsicle, and fostered famous personalities like Ryan Coogler, Clint Eastwood, and Zendaya.

If you have an artistic idea, then let your brand take the spot in Oakland’s creative and diverse industry! Bold Patent values your essence and creativity. Your worthy efforts have resulted in your brand’s logo, slogan, and your business name. While sources of goods and services in the market is diverse, we make sure that your brand’s identity stands out for its unique features through trademark registration.

Today, the issue of trademark infringement seemingly overtaking the costs of other businesses. In Bold Patent, we won’t allow any legal opposition to take advantage of your growth potential. We, at Bold, are committed to serving you with a promise. While other non-legal trademark providers keep your costs in vain, our competent and excellent trademark attorneys have proven experiences in litigating trademark opposition and trademark registration.

We make sure that attorneys conduct a thorough trademark search to file your brand to an appropriate classification. Do you want to take a perfect spot in Oakland’s growing industry? Let Bold Patent help you!

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As a start-up company, the process of patents and trademarks can be overwhelming. However, thanks to the staff here at Bold Patents, learning how to file for a patent is easy and painless. I highly recommend BOLD IP.

Tammi Relyea
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Oakland is the perfect place for you to market your creativity and showcase your advocacy through your brand. With the city’s diverse and progressive climate, the community of Oakland is ready to welcome your innovative ideas! At Bold, your brand protection is guaranteed. We value your dedication to sourcing your unique goods and services.

That’s why Bold Patent offers top-performing and world-class trademark attorneys to work for all the processes in the trademark application. We ensure that you get a 100% hassle-free in required paper works and submission of legal fees. In this way, you have an inexpensive investment in advancing your business against illegal copycats and trademark infringers.

In a progressive Oakland, you need to trust a reliable trademark firm. In Bold Patent, you get the experienced
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Professional, personable, courteous & concise, Bold Patents really helped me with a patentability search request that got me going in the right direction. Thank you!

– Kyle Rogers

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