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Fort Worth is more than just home to one of the nation’s most famous air bases. There are nearly 900,000 people living in the city of Fort Worth and each one of them can tell you all about the city’s economy.

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A large portion of Fort Worth’s economic success is due to the city’s bustling invention scene, with countless businesses putting out applications for patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets every year. So what better place than here for Bold Patents to call its home?

Whether you work in a restaurant or in a Fortune 500 tech company, the odds are pretty well stacked in favor of your industry having a heavy reliance on intellectual property. That’s why we at Bold Patents have made it our mission to set aside the time to speak with inventors from all walks of life, regardless of the size or scope of your company.

Although it’s possible to go it alone, the application process and the laws that regulate the world of intellectual property are always changing. It’s important to have somebody by your side at every step of the way who knows exactly what they’re doing and how to do it.

That’s where we come in!

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I was referred by my LegalShield law firm to Tom LaGrande of Bold Patents. Tom was really nice about telling me what patent processes entailed. I was told to talk to Cody Mack to obtain a contract. Everyone was nice and helpful. Thanks.

K Anderson
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Here in Fort Worth, Texas, we know the meaning of hard work.

Inventions in all four areas of intellectual property law are constantly pouring into and out of the Fort Worth area and have been since the city was first incorporated. Nowadays, there’s no better way to secure your ideas against the competition than through the use of patents and other IP protections.

Even if you happen to have a Masters degree in Business Administration from one of the top 10 Ivy League universities in the country, you and your business can both still stand to benefit from the help that the expert attorneys at Bold Patents can provide.

When you choose to add us to your team, you choose for the hard part to be over. With your invention ready and Bold Patents at the helm, you can rest assured that your intellectual property is going to get where you need it to go!

So call us today and start speaking with the experts on how best to solve your patent needs.

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I contact BP about my idea and they sent me the book that changed everything! My initial idea and questions were answered before I even got to the interview, and then I had an entirely different set of questions. After the telephone interview and video conference, I’m very happy to say I’m ready to go to market!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result, even if it isn’t what I was originally looking for. I will definitely use them again in the future for any my patent ideas, and I highly recommend them!

– Randy Locke

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Hello, my name is J.D. Houvener and I am the founder & CEO of Bold IP.  I started Bold IP with one mission. To serve the bold and the brave.

Our clients are investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists that are pushing the limits, doing what hasn’t been done before, and taking risks in the spirit of progress and positive change. 

We now serve clients nationwide to enable visionaries with top-quality patents, to dominate the competition in the market!

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