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Boise’s patent law firm also serves the surrounding area’s IP needs. This includes Garden City, Boise Hill Village, Nampa, and more

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Otherwise known as the capital of Idaho, Boise, ID is a city of innovation that heavily invests in technological companies such as Microsoft and and Micro Tech. As such, many entrepreneurs come to the city to make their inventions into a reality. Little do they realize however that the process of filing for a patent can be pretty tricky to navigate sometimes.

That is why here at Bold Patents Boise patent attorney, we are here to make sure that you understand how the process of filing for a patent works. This way, you can spend more time getting your product out in the market without having to worry about anyone taking credit for something that you spend hours and dollars on.

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World Class Patent Attorneys Serving Boise, ID

Home of technological companies such as Microsoft and and Micro Tech, Boise, ID, is a city of innovation that inspires entrepreneurs of all types to put forth the effort into making their inventions into a reality. Because it is also the capital of Idaho, Boise is an especially great place to work and interact with different types of intelligent people. If only the patent process was easier to navigate though…

Regardless as to whether you’re a young startup or a professional business, here at Bold Patents Boise patent attorney, we are here to make sure that you understand how the process of filing for a patent works. This way, you can spend more time getting your product out in the market without having to worry about anyone taking credit for your invention.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to turn your business dream(s) into a reality?

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“John was very helpful in our 30-minute consultation and the rest of the staff at Bold Patents are kind enough to help me understand how the patent process works. I appreciate their kindness and expertise. Keep up the good work!”

– Christina Moldovan

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We now serve clients nationwide to enable visionaries with top-quality patents, to dominate the competition in the market!

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Patent and Trademark Services in Boise

Bold Patents is a virtual law firm practicing patent law and trademark law. Bold Patents helps businesses of all sizes in Boise and throughout the U.S. to obtain and protect their intellectual property (IP).

Boise is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. More importantly, taxes and economics have made Boise highly friendly to new businesses.

Boise is home to many large businesses in the healthcare, manufacturing, natural resources, technology, and food processing industries. It also hosts regional offices for many finance and retail businesses. As a result, Boise generates many patents and trademarks as these businesses protect their inventions and brands.

Boise is also near Mountain Home Air Force Base, which hosts some of the most technologically advanced units in the U.S. Air Force. The Idaho National Laboratory, along with the federal defense and energy contractors that work with the INL, support research that has spawned many spin-off companies.

Whether a client is a startup business or a multi-billion-dollar transnational corporation, a Boise patent attorney or Boise trademark attorney from Bold Patents can be critically important to the business’s success.

What Makes Bold Patents Different

Bold Patents is dedicated to educating our clients. We work with both established and first-time inventors to understand their goals and provide advice about how patents and trademarks can help them. We work one-on-one with businesses to provide counsel and representation so they can leverage their technology into a revenue-generating business.

Along the way, we provide comprehensive patent and trademark services to our clients. Whether our clients need assistance with trademarks or patents, we help our clients obtain and protect their IP rights.

We strive to take a broad view of our clients and their businesses. This allows us to look at patents and trademarks as business assets that help our clients make money. We work closely with our clients’ business management teams to understand the core concepts of their inventions so we can analyze both the legal implications and market readiness of our clients’ innovations.

Bold Patents develops a long-term relationship with our clients by understanding their businesses and their technologies. This helps us provide our clients with the advice to obtain the strongest patent and trademark protection possible.

Boise Patent Lawyer Services

A Boise patent lawyer from Bold Patents can provide IP services in three broad areas:

Patentability: To obtain a patent, an invention must be non-obvious and novel over the prior art. To accurately assess patentability, a Boise patent law firm will conduct a patent search and analyze the invention’s features compared to the prior art. An invention is novel if it has at least one new feature not found in the prior art. An invention is non-obvious if it is more than a variation on, or combination of, prior art features.

Patent drafting and prosecution: A Boise US patent lawyer focuses a patent application on the invention’s patentable features identified in the patentability opinion. This is an underappreciated benefit of a patentability analysis. After filing, a patent lawyer corresponds with the US Patent Office to guide the application to issuance.

Patent infringement: Patent infringement is the making, selling, using, offering for sale, or importing of a patented invention without permission. Before filing a lawsuit, a Boise patent attorney can assess the merits of patent infringement lawsuits so that a client can determine whether the business case for a lawsuit exists.

The Patent Process

Bold Patents, a Boise patent law firm, provides its clients with comprehensive assistance throughout the entire patent process, including:

Before filing the patent: Before a patent application is filed, a business should evaluate the economic case for filing the patent. In some cases, an innovation cannot be patented. In other cases, a patentable invention will not produce the return on investment to justify filing the application. The lawyers with Bold Patents can help a client assess the value and cost of patents by evaluating the invention’s patentability and readiness for patenting, as well as the scope of rights that may be obtained.

Filing the patent: A patent lawyer drafts and files a patent application with the U.S. Patent Office. A patent examiner assigned to the application will conduct a patent search and examine the application to determine if the invention is patentable. In most cases, the examiner mails an office action rejecting or objecting to the patent application. A Boise US patent attorney works with the applicant to overcome the office action by presenting amendments and arguments. When a final office action is issued, the patent attorney can discuss the various options for continuing to pursue a patent.

After patent issuance: Exploiting an issued patent usually includes some licensing and enforcement activities. When a patent is licensed, the patent owner can receive a stream of revenue from the patented invention by authorizing others to make and sell the invention. A Boise US patent attorney can help license patent rights by negotiating patent licensing agreements and drafting licensing contracts. If a competitor manufactures or utilizes the invention without a license, a patent attorney can assess the costs and benefits of filing a patent infringement lawsuit.

Boise Trademark Lawyer Services

The goal of a Boise trademark lawyer from Bold Patents is to help clients protect their brands. Branding includes names, logos, product design, packaging, and other identifiers that consumers use to identify the company’s goods and services in the marketplace.

As a Boise trademark law firm, Bold Patents can provide comprehensive trademark services including:

Protectability: A Boise trademark lawyer can be critically important to building a brand. A Boise US trademark attorney can help a client register its trademarks and service marks. More importantly, however, a Boise US trademark lawyer can provide counsel and guidance to clients to select and use trademarks that expand the quantity and quality of the trademark rights it obtains.

Acquisition: Common law trademark rights can arise by merely using a mark. A federal or state registration, however, can provide many additional rights. A Boise trademark attorney can educate clients about the benefits of trademark registrations and help clients file trademark applications to meet their needs. When a business expands overseas, a Boise US trademark attorney has the knowledge and experience to acquire foreign trademark rights.

Infringement: A competitor infringes a trademark when it uses a mark that is likely to cause confusion with the trademark owner’s trademarks. Bold Patents, a Boise trademark law firm, can analyze potential infringements to provide advice and counsel whether a client is suing for infringement or defending against an infringement suit.

Selecting a Boise US Patent Lawyer and Boise US Trademark Lawyer

Boise is growing rapidly. However, Bold Patents provides a different level of service than many law firms. Our focus is on our clients and how patents and trademarks can help them strategically expand and grow their businesses. We have a dedicated inventor team to develop long-term relationships with clients by maintaining close communication throughout the process. We become trusted patent and trademark advisors to our clients as we help them turn their ideas into reality.

Contact us to schedule a screening session to discuss your business’s IP. Please keep in mind that this webpage does not constitute legal advice or guidance. Reading this website does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and Bold Patents. Every situation is different, and you should not act or fail to act based on anything you read on this website.

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