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“Bold Ideas: An Inventor’s Guide to Patents” cuts through the legalese and complications of the U.S. Patent system and gives you clear, direct answers to the most common and intriguing questions in Patent Law.

The goal of this book is to equip you, as the inventor, with a core level of knowledge about the Patent system and related intellectual property so that you can make intelligent business decisions related to your startup, business, or solo venture.

You can now own and read “Bold Ideas: An Inventor’s Guide to Patents” on your Amazon Kindle E-Readers! Purchase and Download your copy for the Amazon Kindle today!

J.D. Houvener presents Continuing Legal Education (CLE) to the Washington State Bar Association on ‘Covering your Ass-ets: Protecting Your Law Firm’s Intellectual Property.


Bold Patents partners with TownSquared to provide local legal advice and has been able to expand its reach through the fantastic network of business owners and entrepreneurs.

On February 22, 2017, J.D. Houvener was on a TownSquared Legal Panel geared toward helping small businesses, here is the video of the event:

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Resources and Research

Other Patent & Intellectual Property Reading

  • UpCounsel: An interactive patent law resource tool that connects people with helpful articles, legal documents, and even lawyers.
  • Patently-O: America’s leading patent law source.
  • IP Watchdog: A great patent blog with good links to other resources.
  • Patently Silly: Although a little crude, this website makes light of some of the more “edgy” patents.

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