In a world where more people are choosing to become the next innovators of America, ever growing and ever-lasting coworking spaces are on the rise! From the world-renowned CoHoots to the lesser-known Office Bowl, the underrated Silicon Valley South West has become a breeding ground for these spaces. This is especially true in surrounding cities such as Scottsdale.

To help our innovator choose the right space(s) to work in prior to meeting with a software patent attorney, here at Bold Parents, we’ve created this quick guide to the top 17 coworking spaces in Phoenix.

And so without further ado, let’s begin!

The image gives you a geographic understanding and a small summary of each location. Below, I have provided a more in-depth analysis along with our featured co-working spaces.

1. CoHoots

Rated #1 in Arizona, #2 in America, and #9 in the world, CoHoots has since rocked the coworking space world because of its long-time dedication to helping entrepreneurs of all different backgrounds (including lawyers) work and connect with one another.

Since 2010, CoHoots won multiple awards, including, but not limited to‘s #4 Best Coworking Space in the U.S. and ASU Spirit of Enterprise Award’s Gary L. Trujillo Minority Enterprise Award.

According to Hongkiat, “Aside from the typical working crowd, Co+Hoots will also host some neat social events. These include TEDtalks Tuesdays, Coffee+Code, and Food Truck Fridays, just to name a few. “ At one point, they hosted an Office Space-themed smashing party in honor of the 20th anniversary of Mike Judge’s Office Space (video on the bottom).

For those looking to expand their business knowledge in a close-knit environment, CoHoots is often tooted as being one of the ideal places to work in.

Latest Updates: As of now, they are offering memberships starting at $35 a day per person with amenities included! They will also be expanding to downtown Mesa in 2019.

Contact Information:


Phone #: 602-264-6687

2. Hera Hub – Phoenix

We discussed this briefly in our top 17 coworking spaces in San Diego article, but for those of you who are unfamiliar, Hera Hub is regarded as one of the first, award-winning, women-led, international coworking spaces for women looking to work and collaborate in a spa-like environment.

Founded in November 2016, Hera Hub has since served women at all stages of business and in a variety of industries, including technology, finance, marketing, legal, product development, literary, education, personal services, and nonprofits.

In addition to providing the usual amenities such as free coffee and office supplies, Hera Hub also offers guided meditation and mentorship sessions. Sometimes, they offer public events such as the Strategic Planning Day for business owners of all different backgrounds.

According to its website, “We are not exclusive to women only.” For those looking for a coworking that offers a zen-like environment, definitely give Hera Hub a try!

Latest Update: As of January 2019, Hera Hub is an official Benefit Corporation for women who want to launch their own business(es).

Contact Information:


Phone #: 480-999-1615

3. The Office Bowl

While often described as a “business in boutique” coworking space, what makes The Office Bowl stand out from the crowd is that it offers a popcorn bar and hosts game nights for those who want to unleash their inner gamer during and after working hours.

Here, members can rent PCs and Macs and partake in the facility’s multitude of games offered from board games to arcade games. They can also bring alcohol (which can only be consumed after 5 pm) and service animals with them.

For those who want to take advantage of what the place has to offer, The Office Bowl offers part-time goers $90 per month for up to 2 days per week during normal business hours ( 8 am to 6 pm), plus a discounted rate for those in need of additional days.

According to FairyGodBoss, “These perks, combined with the space’s quick WiFi and ample room to spread out, make The Office Bowl a popular pick among young up-and-comers in the Phoenix tech scene.”

Latest Update: At this time, there are 2 locations in Phoenix: one near Kenilworth Elementary School and one near Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Contact Information:

Email: or

Phone #:+1-480-686-7809

4. Workunity

Located near Biltmore Fashion Park and the Chandler Fashion Center, Workunity is a multifaceted, professional, millennial style coworking space that offers its members complimentary wine, beer, and press coffee and 24/7 access to the conference rooms.

This space is very well-known for its Lunch & Learn sessions and is especially popular amongst real estate agents and developers because of its beautiful, modest architecture.

For those who want to take advantage of the space’s virtual offices, users can use them for as little as $50 a month. Meanwhile, others can take advantage of general coworking spaces for as little as $225 per month.

Latest Update: On November 20th, 2019, WorkUnity will host Border Patrol 101 as part of their Learn & Learn weekly seminar.

Contact Information:


Phone: (602) 761-9675 at Biltmore Phoenix location and 602-900-1753 at Chandler location

5. Coworking on 15th Avenue

Located near downtown Phoenix on the 15th Avenue bike path, Coworking on 15th Avenue is an all-inclusive coworking space that offers ever single workspace option that fellow goers can utilize from small private office spaces to an outdoor patio space.

Open 24/7, the space is ideal for marketers, designers, freelancers, one-man shops, consultants and a host of other digitally connected professionals looking to a small space to participate in everyday physical activities such as bike riding and dodgeball while collaborating with others on projects that have to get done.

For those who are interested in renting the space, the price ranges from $150 for shared non-dedicated space to $250 for a dedicated space according to its website.

Latest Updates: For those who are interested in trying out the space for free, Coworking on 15th Avenue is offering free one day passes. Also, they’re hosting a vintage ad gallery for those who enjoy studying and looking at ads from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Contact Information:


Phone #: (602) 277-0224

6. monOrchid

For those looking to unleash their creativity in downtown Phoenix, monOrchid’s loft style coworking space is considered one of the most ideal spaces for artists of all different backgrounds.

Here, members can take advantage of the space’s on-site conference room, which offers 4K television, Apple TV/HMDI connectivity, 150 SQFT white board and teleconferencing abilities. They can also showcase their work in the monOrchid art gallery and take advantage of its close proximity to public bus lines, bike paths, and the Roosevelt Street Lightrail stop.

According to the website, “Discounts are available to coworkers who regularly using alternative transport to commute to the office, including those that commute via extensive bike paths connecting monOrchid to the rest of the valley.” Not only does this place support the arts, but also other people’s health and wellbeing.

Best of all, monOrchid does NOT by any means stifle its clients with rigid rental contracts!

Latest Update: At this time, custom leases are available for temporary and transient workers, while long term members can settle into traditional 6/12 month leases. Meanwhile, virtual memberships are available for those that need a physical office to compliment digital freelance work.

Contact Information:


Phone: (602) 253-0339

7. 1951 @ Skysong

A newcomer to the Scottsdale, Phoenix coworking world, 1951@SkySong is a cutting-edge coworking space geared mainly to helping Arizona State University (ASU) students become a part of, “the intersection of innovation, technology, and imagination.”

Named for the year Scottsdale was incorporated, 1951@SkySong is decorated with 1950s Americana loaned from real estate entrepreneur Michael Pollack such as a Marylin Monroe neon sign and a rocket-shaped gumball machine.

It can accommodate up to 250 people and comes with a multitude of amenities including, but not limited to multiple couch and desk areas, two sets of diner booths, pods for 40 people, and many others.

Latest Update: At this time, the space is available for hosting private meetings and events (reservation required).

Contact Information:

Email: Contact Information

Phone: 480-884-1860

8. Galvanize Phoenix

Phoenix is a top-notch, technology-based coworking space that provides its members with 24/7 access to onsite staff, private mentors, state-of-the-art conference rooms, and many other amenities needed for filing a patent.

Its main partners are Google for Startups, IBM, Amazon Web Services and Silicon Valley Bank. In addition, it also offers courses in Data Science and Software Engineering ranging from beginner level to advanced.

Here at Galvanize, users can interact with industry experts from a variety of fields with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds. For those looking to learn more about the world of technology prior to filing a patent for an app, this coworking space is considered one of the most ideal places to do so.

Latest Update: For those who want to “test” any of their courses before buying, Galvanize currently offers some of these lessons on Youtube.

Contact Information:


Phone: (602) 362-2670

9. Cross Campus – Scottsdale, AZ

Conveniently situated next to the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, Cross Campus offers its fellow patrons with plentiful free parking and access to a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment, and amenities.‍

Formally referred to as Deskhub, the space since then been praised for offering a large outdoor deck (with a stunning view of the nearby Camelback mountains) and flexible meeting rooms, which by the way are open to the public and can be booked by members and non-members.

For those who wish to partake in using the space, a hot desk is worth $250 a month. Meanwhile, for those who wish to utilize the room, premium beverage credit is included with all conference room bookings over $100.

Latest Update: Did we mention that Cross Campus now currently serves complimentary nitro coffee, craft beer, and kombucha to all of its members?

Contact Information:


Phone: (480) 405-3965

10. The Grid. Works

Part of the AZ Coworking Alliance, The Grind.Works is a coworking space located in uptown Phoenix that offers its members with a multitude of amenities from a podcast room to an event room that opens up to a parking lot.

According to one Google Guide, “The space features smart technology throughout, embracing IoT elements like lighting that adjusts based on usage, a custom member’s app (available on Apple and Android), lockers for member’s storage and advanced WiFi systems.” As such, it is popular amongst those focused on real estate and technology.

Here, memberships range from $180 to $1,200 and include private offices, reserved and open workstations, and “hot seats” at collaborative tables.

For those looking to practice their yoga skills, The Grid.Works offers a 1,600 square foot multipurpose room/yoga space that accommodates over 50 people.

Latest Update: At this time, the Grind.Works currently has a glass rollup garage door, perfect for those looking to get a little privacy in style.

Contact Information:


Phone: 602-714-9008

11. The Wayne Smith

Originally the home of former Tempe Mayor Harold Andrews, The Wayne Smith is a breathtaking coworking space designed by renowned landscape architect A. Wayne Smith to give members a quiet, productive holistic place for creative coworkers to interact amongst each other.

Located a few minutes south of Arizona State University and downtown Tempe, members can bring their dog to work while sipping on cold brew coffee on tap out in the garden area and interacting with a coworker for only $199 a month.

Best of all, The Wayne Smith does NOT require any of its members to sign any contracts whatsoever!

Latest Update: At this time, The Wayne Smith is offering free day passes for all of its members. No contacts and other strings attached necessary!

Contact Information:


Phone: (480) 331-3113

12. MAC6

Located 10 minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport and 15 minutes from Arizona State University, MAC6 is a growing community coworking that mainly caters towards those in need of either more office or light manufacturing / warehousing space.

Here, members can take full advantage of the space’s multitude amenities such as its free fitness classes, full-service leases, gym, and so much more!

On Tuesdays, members can take advantage of the food trucks that come by there. They also have access to the site 24/7.

Latest Update: As of now, pricing for coworking space starts at $19/sq ft.

Contact Information:


Phone: (480) 582-2200

13. The Department

Created to host a community of future-minded leaders and creative entrepreneurs in downtown Phoenix, The Department is a coworking space that offers its members a generous 16,000 square feet of flexible workspaces, reserved desks, private offices, and many other amenities.

Here, members can take advantage of the space’s nearby parking garages and Valley Metro Light Rail stations in order to make the most out of living in their work home away from home.

According to the website, “Memberships start at $100 a month, and the perks include free donuts, coffee from Cartel Coffee Lab, soda and water. Holders of upgraded membership cards can get 24/7 access.” Altogether, these perks help make The Department, “A place for modern business.”

Latest Update: As of July 16th, 2019, The Department has added 40 more private offices, team spaces, and meeting rooms.

Contact Information:


Phone: 602-385-0764

14. The McKinley Club

The McKinley Club is a Phoenix-based coworking space that, “redefines the lines between office, coffee shop and home with private offices, dedicated desks and community space that nurture creativity and productivity.”

From hosting networking events to offering cold brew, rosé, and beer on tap, members can take advantage of everything the space has to offer.

Every Thursdays at 4 pm, the McKinley Club hosts a happy hour for those who wish to partake in a few drinks while interacting with other coworkers.

It also hosts an art gallery during the night time for those who want to take their creative talents to the next level.

Latest Updates: As of now, the McKinley Club is taking requests for those who wish to host their next event at the space.

Contact Information:


Phone: (602) 908-7640

15. Novel Coworking

Providing its members with easy access to the neighborhood’s live-work-play lifestyle, Novel Coworking is a midtown coworking space that allows its members to access the facility 24/7 and display their company’s logo on their front office door.

In addition to offering its members with a complimentary espresso bar, Novel Coworking also provides its members with comfortable community lounge areas to relax in and rooftop desks.

Best of all, all office furniture, direct fiber internet, WiFi, taxes, and utilities are included in the rent. This way, every single business that walks into Novel Coworking knows what they’re getting ahead of time.

It’s no wonder that this novel coworking space can be found in San Diego, Chicago, Minneapolis, and many other major cities across America!

Latest Updates: At this time, Novel Coworking is offering its members full-fledged office space for $299 a month!

Contact Information:


Phone: (480) 506-0193

16. Gangplank

Gangplank is a creative, community-based coworking space that caters to small businesses, micro-businesses, and freelancers looking to work together to make a difference in and outside of Phoenix.

Here, members can take advantage of the space’s wide range of tech hubs, conference rooms, cozy couches, and many other amenities.

According to, “Every Wednesday afternoon, the space offers lunchtime Brown Bag Presentations, Meanwhile, during the evenings, the space offers hacknights for those looking to unleash their inner tech wizard.” Regardless as to whether you’re a beginning startup or a more professionally set business, anyone at Gangplank can have a chance of making something out of themselves.

While most coworking spaces charge its members a monetary fee, here at Gangplank, members can give back to the community, “through time, talent, and relationships.”

Latest Updates: As of 2010, Gangplank is located in downtown Chandler.

Contact Information:


Phone: (480) 539-6800


Open 24/7, START is an educational-based coworking space located in Western Maricopa Education Center in Glendale, AZ geared to helping students especially understand STEM subjects.

Here, members not only have access to their own work space, but also have the opportunity to work with and/or mentor students.

According to one Google reviewer, the space offers a multitude of tools from 3D printers to plot cutters. In addition, “The supporting staff is very friendly and professional, always willing to lend out a hand whenever possible.” For those looking for a coworking space that promotes STEM teaching amongst students young and old, START is considered one of the best places to start in!

Latest Update: At this time, they are currently working with groups such as Bryo Media and Youth4Youth.

Contact Information:


Phone: 623-738-0022

In Conclusion

There you have it, everyone! The top 17 coworking spaces in Phoenix:

  1. CoHoots – Great for those looking for a world-renowned, minority-owned, community coworking space to work in
  2. Hera Hub – Great for those looking for a world-renowned, women-empowered, zen style coworking space to work in
  3. The Office Bowl – Great for those looking for an inexpensive, gamer-friendly, business in boutique coworking space
  4. Workunity – Great for those looking for a professional millennial style coworking space perfect for real estate agents and developers alike
  5. Coworking on 15th Avenue – Great for those looking for a small, convenient coworking space that encourages its tenants to get physical exercise every single day
  6. MonOrchid – Great for artistic entrepreneurs looking for a loft-style coworking space to thrive in
  7. 1951@SkySong – Great for ASU students looking for a cutting-edge, STEAM-based coworking space
  8. Galvanize Phoenix – Great for STEM-based communities looking to brush up on their software engineering and data science skills
  9. Cross Campus – Great for those looking for a convenient coworking space in Scottsdale that offers a large outdoor deck complete with a stunning view of the nearby Camelback mountains
  10. The Grind.Works – Great for those looking for a space that embraces IoT elements
  11. The Wayne Smith – Great for those looking for a beautiful, well-kept, dog-friendly coworking space
  12. MAC6 Communities- Great for those looking for a place near the airport that offers its members 24/7 access to a gym and free fitness classes
  13. The Department – Great for those looking for an affordable coworking space that offers free donuts and complimentary Cartel Coffee Lab coffee for the modern business
  14. The McKinley Club – Great for those looking to get a fine drink while interacting with others in an art gallery on Thursdays at 4pm
  15. Novel Coworking – Great for those who love to decorate their own office from top to bottom
  16. Gangplank Great for those looking for a creative, community-based coworking space that doesn’t require its patrons to pay monthly monetary fees
  17. START – Great for those looking for a space that helps students learn how to start appreciating STEM subjects

In the meantime, are there any other coworking spaces that you would recommend that we add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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