How to Write & Submit a Patent Application: Ultimate 2021 Guide

No secrets here. This guide will truly show you how to write a patent application and submit it to the USPTO to attain that all-important Patent Pending status everyone is so familiar with.    At [...]

How to File a Provisional Patent Application in 13 Steps

Ok – so at this point you’ve hopefully figured out whether your idea is an invention or if it’s still in the idea stage? You’ve also hired a Patent Attorney or done the homework yourself [...]

The Ultimate Utility Patent Guide: What it is & What it Protects

It’s easy sometimes to be long-winded in the law… so, here’s the short and sweet answer: 20 Year Monopoly: A utility patent gives an inventor (or their assignees) exclusive rights to prevent anyone else from [...]

How to Get a Patent for an Idea in 13 Steps

How do you get a patent for an idea?  The real answer to this question is: you can’t. That’s right, you can’t get a patent for an “idea” alone, not even the best idea in [...]

16-Steps: How to File a Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application

Yikes...16 Steps!? Yes, but this blog article only has 3 of the 16. Why? Well, in order to file a non-provisional utility patent application you need to first file a provisional patent application. Think of [...]

What is the Difference Between a Provisional and a Nonprovisional Patent Application?

What is the difference between a provisional and non-provisional patent application? The short answer is: a whole lot! Don't worry in this article I break it down for you! In addition, about halfway down this [...]

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