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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

In four words, you gave me confidence, and you did it in three ways. You were responsive with every step, you were personable with every step, and most importantly, but it comes right down to what, you were thorough in every step, including the provisional. With all those, you showed me your passion and commitment. As a result, you enhanced my confidence to energize my vision by backing up my passion with actual substance. I can’t thank you enough for that, guys. I really care.

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at