How Bold Attorneys Go with Promoting Their Brand on Social Media!

Attorneys are mostly self-employed. Which is why they need to grow and develop their brand by themselves in order to ensure a good exposure and land better clients.

Currently, social media happens to be the gold mine for growing business and developing brands, and a lawyer can use it too. However, as a lawyer, make sure you use the below mentioned 4 tips to get a gist of how much you must reveal about yourself on social media:

  1. Keep it professional:

You are getting a social media account to improve your business exposure and not for personal use. So limit your posts and social media blogs to your business itself. As an attorney, you may want to post about upcoming legal issues or similar ideas. Also, refrain from giving out personal details like home address, telephone number, and email id on your social media. But you can always give your contact details for clients to contact you or team whenever they want to.

  1. Client interaction:

Never engage with clients in the comment section of your social media posts. Not only that, never entertain them in your DMs too. Anytime a client tries to contact you or put up queries via social media, direct them to your website or ask them to drop a mail or schedule a call. Also, never reveal your fees to your clients without personally having a conversation with them beforehand.

  1. Get a professional:

In order to make the best use of social media, it is important to hire a professional administrator that will take care of all your online activities. You will only overlook what goes up on the site whereas all the technical concerns will be looked after by the administrator.

  1. Dealing with competitors:

You are on social media to expand your brand and draw clients, not to engage in internet wars, refrain from posting nasty things about your competitors or posting anything that puts others down. Also, avoid responding to nasty stuff that your competitors may say about you. Maintain a classy and elegant online presence and focus better on your priorities.

Summing it up:

True that, as a lawyer, one definitely needs to have certain kind of exposure in order to garner more business and better clients, and this is true for all professions. However, a lawyer must know where to draw the line. Make sure you only reveal harmless details about your profession on social media. Implement the above-mentioned strategies so that your professional privacy remains intact and your brand grows well too.

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