A registered trademark represents your company. You can mark a brand, a logo, a symbol and even a sound related to your business.

A registered trademark depicts third parties that your company exclusively owns the products or services you offer. often times customers are compelled to buy a product because of the brand name, so it’s important to make the brand stand out with a unique trademark. Noticeable symbols help in creating healthy relationships with customers and build loyal buyers.


Your need for a trademark registration depends on the scale at which your business is established or growing. If your business operations are in one state and there is no interstate commerce, you do not need a registered trademark.

When you buy a business license from the state in which you operate, you get legal rights to the name of your business. No other person or company may use your company name unless it is allowed.


But if you want to grow your business and start operating in other states, your brand will not be protected. In this case, you will need to register your trademark to ensure the protection and authenticity of your brand. Registering your trademark helps prevent problems, such as trading in states with companies operating under the same brand.


You may also be inclined to register your trademark if you provide goods or services over the Internet. E-commerce merchants often trade with customers outside their home country. A registered trademark will protect the identity of your business when you conduct business online in other states.


Here are some of the edge you get from registering your brand:



A Trademark is the communication of your ideology with your consumer base. Some designs or words in your logo may be effective for selling and marketing your products. In general, consumers associate with certain intellectual and emotional messages conveyed through their brand.



With the process and pace at which your business is growing, the value of the trademark is appreciated afterwards. Sometimes the trademark as an asset reaches a level that exceeds the total value of the company. Then it can be sold, provided in a lease or used as collateral when obtaining loans.



A trademark helps customers recognize a particular company. In a competitive world, while many others offer the same service or sell the same good as you, it’s hard to stand out from the rest. Here, the trademark comes to your rescue. It attracts the customer’s attention and makes it less likely to change brands. They also know who they are dealing with, so they are less likely to switch to an alternative.



When a customer searches for products on the online portal, a unique trademark helps the portal filter the results and display its name at the top. The filtered results that display your name on customer screens, which perhaps only occur when the traffic generated by your products is large, which results in a higher ranking, which allows you to increase the number of customers and the recognition of the brand.



The amount or longevity of use does not make your trademark expires. Once registered, there is no provision for renewal.

When choosing a trademark, the owner must keep in mind that he must justify his product. Extensive investigations must be conducted to avoid probable cases related to offences.


Interested in taking your business to the next level? better safe than Sorry! Bold Patents will do a comprehensive search of the public trademark databases and provide an opinion as to whether your proposed design or mark meets the standards of eligibility and whether it is different enough from other marks in commerce to be able to achieve registration. In order to be able to stake your claim on a brand design or word mark, there must be no other confusingly similar design or mark in the same competitive field as your business.



This is your brand. Be Bold! Work with our talented attorneys to claim State and Federal Trademark Application for your business’ name, brand, design or trade dress. We will work with you and really get to know and understand your business, your goals, and vision. Knowing your business is our business – and representing you before the USPTO is what we do every day. The most important part of assuring you capture the right registration is assuring it lines up with your business goals now and in 5, 10 and 15 years from now.

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