A Complete Comprehensive Guide of Brooklyn's Coworking Spaces 2019 Bold Patents

Best 41 Co-Working Spaces in Brooklyn, NY (Updated in 2019)

The borough of go-getters, the land of innovation, Brooklyn is by no means, “home to a faithful coworking community that’s hungry to get the job done.”

 While there is certainly a multitude of creative coworking spaces in the New York area, the question is, “which one is right for me and my company?”

To help you figure out the answer we have put together a comprehensive list in 9 categories for all 41 co-working spaces that exist in Brooklyn.

  1. Arts, Crafts, and Culture
  2. Business in Boutique
  3. Community and Non-Profit
  4. Generation Startup Friendly
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Law and Order
  7. Science and Technology
  8. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)
  9. More Power to Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

This way, you all could spend more time figuring what is the difference and which one best suite your budget and standards.

Ready to get started?

Awesome! In that case, let’s begin!

The SlideShare below gives you a geographic understanding and a small summary of each location.

Click through the slides to quickly find a co-working space that fits your particular needs! Afterward, jump back to the article for a more in-depth analysis along with our featured co-working spaces, including our dedicated New York patent attorneys!

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Arts, Crafts, and Culture

1. 100 Bogart  


From open layout desks to furnished private offices, 100 Bogart is one of Bushwick, Brooklyn’s state-of-the-art coworking spaces complete with custom furniture, high-speed internet, a podcast studio, and many other top-notch amenities perfect for creatives of all types.

In addition to being located in some of Bushwick’s best eateries and eclectic art galleries, what makes this place especially stand out is that it offers underground parking and an accessible rooftop with panoramic views of Manhattan.

Best of all, members can bring their dog to work, if they so choose to.


Contact Information:

Email: info@100bogart.com

Phone: 718-362-3539

2. Bat Haus  


Creative coworking space by day, unique events space by night, Bat Haus is an alternative space located half a block away from the L train off Jefferson stop.

Other than that fact that the space offers a private backyard, what makes Bat Haus unique is that every Wednesday night after 7 pm, it offers Drink N’ Draw classes for $10 per session.

Because of these features, Bat Haus was declared a winner of Village Voice’s “Best Communal Office 2013 New York.”


Contact Information:

Email: info@bathaus.com

Phone: (917) 865-8660

3. Brooklyn Writer’s Space


Founded by Scott Adkins and Erin Courtney, Brooklyn Writers Space is an affordable coworking space that offers memberships to fellow part-time members and writers for as little as $135 a month (not including a one-time initiation fee) and $225 a month for full-time members (again, not including the one-time initiation fee).

According to its website, all locations have laser printing (bring your own paper), wifi, storage for $10/month, monthly reading series for writers, two private phone booths (Gowanus only), a roof deck (Gowanus only), and cocktail mixers for members.

Ever since it first opened its doors to the coworking world, “Brooklyn Writer’s Space served over 1800 writers,” according to its About page.


Contact Information:

Email: Contact Form

Phone: (718) 788-2697

4. Friends Work Here  


Created by a group of friends, Friends Work Here is an artistic, community-based coworking space for those who enjoy working in an area brightened by natural light and the thirst for knowledge.

It is part of The Invisible Dog art center and comes with a lounge area, a fully stocked kitchen, phone booths, a conference room, lunch tables, whiteboards, and 30 work stations.

For those who want to work there full-time, full-time members get a dedicated desk for $650 per month whereas part-timers pay $400 per month for full access, but no dedicated desk.

Also, the place is Bring-Your-Own-Laptop.

Contact Information:

Email: Contact Form

Phone: N/A

5. Not an Alternative


Founded in 2004 by a group of passionate entrepreneurs, Not an Alternative is a hybrid art collective coworking space and non-profit organization geared to providing those with an interest in art and philosophy a place to showcase their work and collaborate with others.

Now located in the Greenpoint area, members can take advantage of the space’s monthly desk area(s), kitchen, lounge, conference room, and gallery for everything from photo shoots to literary readings.

Since Not an Alternative is owned by a non-profit organization, rent is a tax write-off.  


Contact Information:

Email: info@notanalternative.net

Phone: (347) 746-7820

6. Nowhere Studios  


Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, NOWHERE STUDIOS IS A BESPOKE 2200SF COWORK SPACE geared towards those who enjoy putting a creative spin on their Latest projects while interacting with others in a cozy environment.

For only $150 a month, members can utilize the space’s many facilities including, but not limited to high-speed internet, a cozy wood fire stove, and a 2,000 square foot roof complete with hammocks and Adirondack chairs.

Did we mention that you can bake your own bread here? No kidding!  


Contact Information:

Email: studio@nowheremag.com

Phone: N/A

7. Park Slope Desk


Park Slope Desk is a quaint, artistic coworking space designed to give even the most beginner writer a chance to show off his or her creativity in a historic building.

Originally, it was the home of Applewood restaurant. Prior to that, it was owned by Cosmo Lee.

For those who wish to utilize any of the space’s desks, members can pay anywhere between $40 and $350 a month, depending on which option they choose.


Contact Information:

Email: parkslopedesk@gmail.com

Phone:  718-499-0363

8. Prosper Gowork


Founded in 2017, Prosper Gowork is a creative coworking space that provides its members with all of the tools that they need to start their business for as little as $100 a month.

No fees whatsoever!

Not bad for a place that provides its members the bare bones of starting a business.


Contact Information:

Email: hello@prospergowork.com

Phone: (347) 429-9605

9. Rough Draft


From the vintage decorative knick-knacks to the big windows covering the exterior of the building, Rough Draft is a creative coworking space that may look casual on the outside, but on the inside, people mean business.

Depending on what kind of project a company (or person) wants to pursue, members can take advantage of everything that the space has to offer from a creative resource library to bike parking. They even have computer equipment that you can rent.

According to its website, a new member trial is just $14 per day whereas day rates are $28 per day. For those who want to use the facility for an extended period of time, part-time membership is $240 for any 12 days within a 30-day period. As for full-time membership, it is $300 per 30-day period.

Contact Information:

Email: hello@roughdraft-nyc.com

Phone: N/A

10. SHARED Brooklyn


SHARED Brooklyn is an artistic, dog-friendly warehouse located right next to Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies and Valentino Park.

Because SHARED Brooklyn was originally a warehouse located right by New York Harbor, the space gets plenty of natural light and uses reclaimed wood salvaged from the renovation.

Here, members can not only utilize the space’s bike racks but also rent out the conference room for as little as $35 a day. Meanwhile, non-members can utilize the room for as little as $50 a day.

For those who want to give the space a try, potential members can either call up SHARED for a free promotional day pass at 347-927-8141 or volunteer for a discounted membership.


Contact Information:

Email: sharedbrooklyn@gmail.com

Phone: 347-927-8141

11. The Bakery Brooklyn


Founded in 2013 by Jason Kachadourian and Asa Pingree, The Bakery is a gallery and coworking/studio space geared towards those looking for a place to unleash their inner, imaginative innovator.

Originally a kosher bakery, the space has since then developed into a series of six studios, about eight desk spaces, and a spacious communal room perfect for holding meetings and/or photo shoots.

For those looking to host monthly social clubs and other one night events, members (and non-members) can rent out the storefront space as a venue.

Contact Information:

Email: thebakerybrooklyn@gmail.com

Phone: N/A

Business in Boutique

1. Bond Collective


               Located in the heart of Brooklyn itself, Bond Collective is a series of boutique styles coworking spaces founded by Shlomo Silber and his partner, Elie Deitsch, in 2012 in order to provide members with “curated spaces and premium services” that would help them get the job done faster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week such as daily cleaning service and complimentary fruit-infused water.

               Depending on which space you go to, some spaces such as Bond Buskwick offer dedicated coworking space for as little $300 a month whereas some such as Bond Gowanus offer dedicated coworking space for as little as $350 a month and allow you to bring your pet to work.

            Regardless as to which space you visit, anyone who is interested in renting out an office will receive 1 Month of free coworking space with A 6 Month Office Lease. Meanwhile, anyone who is a part of the referral program will earn 30% of their monthly rent.

By the way, for those interested in trying out the space at Gowanus, Bond Collective is currently offering free day passes. 


Contact Information:

Email: join@bondcollective.com

Phone: (855) 926–9675 or (212) 738-9581

2. HESS Brooklyn  


Complete with “top-of-the-line equipment and serious co-workers,” HESS Brooklyn is a corporate chic boutique coworking space that offers lots of private offices and shared lounges for members to utilize.

For only $295 a month, those who are starting out get HESS Perks, plus, shared cowroking space, wireless internet, and 24/7 office access.

All amenities are included for each option a potential member chooses.  


Contact Information:

Email: info@hessbk.com

Phone: 917-504-9180

3. Industrious Brooklyn


Industrious Brooklyn is part of a series of boutique coworking spaces that offers its members, “Three floors of newly renovated glass-enclosed conference rooms and private offices mixed with exposed bricks and a neutral palette.”

The space was open in February 2016. Since then, the space has incorporated a wellness room and many other helpful amenities into the facility.

According to some users on Yelp, the space is known for its overly friendly staff, which is a good thing to have when considering which space is right for your business.  


Contact Information:

Email: info@industriousoffice.com

Phone: (929) 283-6780

4. WeWork Brooklyn


Understandably, not everyone is a fan hearing about this famous brand of coworking spaces. However, for those looking for a more traditional, distraction-free business in boutique style coworking space, WeWork Brooklyn is often considered a good starting point.

Founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, WeWork is regarded as one of the ultimate coworking spaces that made working in a coworking space a popular alternative to working in a traditional office space.

In addition to offering microbrewed coffee, business class printers, wellness rooms, and many other amenities not always found in coworking spaces across Brooklyn, what makes WeWork stand out in the Brooklyn area is that they utilize old, historical properties such as the one in South Williamsburg, which according to their website started out as a guitar factory, followed by a textile plant.

Depending on which location you want to run your business in, a dedicated desk at a WeWork space in Brooklyn can range from $450 to $700 a month whereas a hot desk can range from $350 to $500. 

At this time, there are 5 different WeWork offices across the Brooklyn area, some of which you can bring your dog to work in.  There are also locations in San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles, and many other top United States cities.


Contact Information:

Email: Online Form

Phone: 1-646-491-9060

5. Workspace Williamsburg


In addition to offering the basic necessities such as free coffee, internet, and conference rooms, what makes Workspace Williamsburg unique is that they offer a variety of spaces and membership options for people to choose from. As such, this space is popular amongst businesses of all different disciplines looking to learn from one another.

According to one user, “When stumbling across this bright and warm workspace in Brooklyn, you may feel as though you’ve found an oasis…Paired with the cool but spontaneous decor, this professional space is sure to keep you relaxed but focused.”

For those interested in renting out the space, members can purchase either a day pass for $25 per person, five passes for $100, or ten passes for $150. Meanwhile, a dedicated desk area would start as little as $350 a month.


Contact Information:

Email: inquiries@workspacewilliamsburg.com

Phone: +1 (718) 384 1548

Community and Non-Profit

1. BKLYN Commons


BKLYN Commons is a family-owned coworking and event space located right near the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Prospect Park to give members a quiet, secluded place to work and interact with others.

In addition to providing its members with unlimited coffee and tea, it also provides its members with flexible rates and uniquely crafted meetings rooms.

It even has a rooftop venue for those needing to relax after a hard day of working.


Contact Information:

Email: info@bklyncommons.com

Phone: (718) 989-5700

2. Brooklyn Creative League (Our Personal Favorite in Brooklyn!)


Founded by husband-and-wife team Erin Carney and Neil Carlson in 2009, Brooklyn Creative League is considered one of the first community coworking spaces to open in America–a coworking space for seasoned professionals, rooted in the community.

Conveniently located in Gowanus, BCL has earned a reputation for being the “o.g” Brooklyn coworking space due to its popularity among a diverse group of independent companies.

Here, members not only have access to the typical amenities, but also soundproof phone booths and discounts at local bars, restaurants,
Blink Fitness, One Medical Group and more.


Contact Information:


Phone:  (718) 576-2104

3. Ditmas Workspace


Located in the heart of Ditmas Park, Ditmas Workspace is a family-run open coworking space geared towards looking for a quiet, historical, secluded place to work in and not to mention offers good hospitality.  

In addition to the typical office amenities, members also have access to a community of writers, editors, bloggers, telecommuters, and other professionals to help them craft their messages and advertise their businesses along the way.

For those interested in signing up, membership is $200 a month, with first and last month due at signing.


Contact Information:

Email: ditmasworkspace@gmail.com

Phone: (718) 284-6759

4. Founders Workspace 


From mail handling to networking, Founders Workspace is a quiet, creative, collaborate workspace for local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, make connections and do what they love in Windsor Terrace.

Depending on how frequently they want to utilize the space, members can choose from a variety of membership plans. They even have passes for 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, and monthly access — with prices ranging from $60 to $395/month according to their website.


Contact Information:

Email: hello@foundersworkspace.com

Phone: (718) 499-0243

5. Smart Space  


A popular meeting ground for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creative people alike, SmartSpace is a 24-hour coworking space complete with leasing options, drop-in rates, and hassle-free benefits.

Here in the Flatbush/Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, members get discounts on parking, printing, conference rooms and fully furnished offices. They also get access to members-only networking events.

For those who want to rent office space, rates can be as low as $900 a month whereas a “hot desk” could go for as little as $40 a day. Meanwhile, a dedicated desk could cost up to $400 a month. As for monthly memberships, they can start as low as $250 a month.


Contact Information:

Email: info@smartspaceus.com

Phone: (718) 517-8100

6. The Brass Factory


Originally built for the US Brass Company in 1963, The Brass Factory has since then turned into a stunning coworking space, “flooded by natural light, generous service, and a vibrant international community.”

Considered, “the largest uninterrupted coworking space in America,” The Brass Factory carries a wide, diverse group of coworkers from all different backgrounds and disciplines.

For only one flat fee, members get all access to all of the amenities available.


Contact Information:

Email: hello@thebrassfactory.com

Phone: (718) 782-4050

7. The Compound Cowork


Founded in May 2014, The Compound Cowork is a 24 hour, independent coworking space that aims to create a space for “healthy productivity” by building workspaces made out of reclaimed wood and hosting community gatherings and art openings.

Here, members are encouraged to take advantage of the Bikram yoga studios right next door and spend a few hours relaxing in Prospect Park. This way, they would be better able to live and work-life balance and interact with others from different backgrounds and work disciplines.

 Seating is available for $225 per month on a first come, first serve basis whereas an individual dedicated desk is $375 per month.


Contact Information:

Email: info@thecompoundcowork.com

Phone: 718-484-8866

Generation Startup Friendly

1. Brooklyn Works at 159


Opened since February 2013, Brooklyn Works at 159 is a flexible, startup-friendly coworking space located at Greenwood Heights offers its members unlimited coffee and tea, lockable desks, happy hours, and many other benefits guaranteed to help them get through the grit and grind of the Brooklyn Startup community.

While day passes are $15 per day, a 10 day drop-in pass is available for $100 a year.

Meanwhile, for those interested in renting a one person private office, prices can start as low as $475 a month.


Contact Information:

Email: info@brooklynworks159.com

Phone: 718-965-0159

2. Class and Co.


More than just a place that serves free coffee and a comfortable space to work in the Brooklyn area, Class & Co. is an educational, community-based coworking space that offers its fellow young entrepreneurs a meditation room, healthy snacks, and daily access to classes and event talks, among other benefits.

Since October 2018, Class and Co. has offered  its members 24 hour access to all of its amenities. This way, whether they’re looking to schedule a meeting with a local patent attorney or brush up on their negogiation skills, they would be able to do so in a safe environment.

At this time, they are offering day passes for $20 per person and flexible desk space for $250 a month.


Contact information:

Email: contact@classandco.work

Phone: 929-324-7980

3. The Yard

A popular place for startups and small businesses to get their feet off the ground in, The Yard is a creative coworking space complete with a maze of private suites, shared desk space, and original artwork is always on display, sometimes from members themselves.

For only $225 a month, members can rent a shared desk Monday through Friday. Meanwhile, for those who want a dedicated desk in a shared office, prices can start off as little as $325 a month.

Of course, for those who want more variety in their startup coworking space life, there are more expensive options.


Contact Information:

Email: hello@theyard.com

Phone: 1-800-99-THE-YARD

4. Work Heights


Looking for a good, startup-friendly coworking space that offers nightly membership plans? In that case, Brooklyn’s very own Work Heights might be the answer! 

Located in the Crown Heights area, Work Heights is a membership-based coworking space that is catered mainly towards small business owners, freelancers, and independent remote workers of all different backgrounds looking for a place to collaborate with one another.

For those interested in working at Work Heights at night (and on the weekends), the space currently offers a membership plan for as little as $165 a month.

As for the memberships, in addition to the usual benefits, Work Heights offers desks that come with power and Herman Miller Caper Chairs for all of its members.

At this time, Work Heights has two locations located a block and a half from one another. This way, fellow entrepreneurs can move to whatever location is more fitting for them at that exact moment.


Contact Information:

Email: Manager@workheights.com

Phone: N/A

Health and Wellness

1. Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn-Boulders-Coworking-Brooklyn-Website-Bold Patents

Originally the old Daily News Garage, Brooklyn Boulders is Brooklyn’s very first and only rock climbing and coworking facility to combine physical activity with networking and community interaction.  

Since its founding in 2009, the space has grown popular in major cities such as New York, Chicago, and Boston.

It even offers a climbing course for women who want to interact with other female climbers and entrepreneurs.



Contact Information:

Email: info@brooklynboulders.com

Phone: (347) 834-9066

2. New Love City

Playing at the intersection of a yoga studio and community coworking environment, New Love City is a movement experimental coworking space located in the Greenpoint area that offers its members free yoga classes in a light-and-music-filled space and of course, places to work and collaborate with others.

For those who want to try out the space, potential members can purchase a day pass for $40 per person. Meanwhile, those who want to spend a little more time in the space can purchase a week pass for $100 per person. As for monthly passes, they are $300 per person.

Regardless as to what type of pass you choose, all of these options include yoga lessons.


Contact Information:

Email: love@newlovecity.co

Phone: (616) 915-4576

3. Saint Lydia’s


Founded in 2008 to give fellow spiritualists a place to interact with others of different faiths and beliefs while succeeding in Saint Lydia’s is a converted storefront that allows others to socialize in and outside of working hours.

In addition to offering free coffee, tea, and lunch, Saint Lydia’s also provides its members with a photocopier, printer, and a place to practice yoga and other forms of mediation.

According to its website, because Saint Lydia’s is both a co-working space and a dinner church, members can pay what they can afford for full-time work usage (3-5 days a week) in the range of $160-$220/month. For those who want to try out the space for free, potential members can email them for a free one-day trial.

You DON’T need to be Christian in order to join. All are welcome! 🙂


Contact Information:

Email: co-work@stlydias.org

Phone: (646) 580-1247

Law and Order

1. Legal Link


Established in 2018 by fellow lawyers and entrepreneurs, Legal Link is one of the few attorney-based coworking spaces in the Brooklyn area to give attorneys a place to call their work home away from home.

In addition to providing attorneys with short-term and long term office rentals, Legal Link also provides its clients with virtual law offices and meeting rooms. This way, they would be better able to interact with their clients about everything from figuring out how to patent an idea to recognize the differences between trademarks and trade secrets.

According to its website, prices start as low as $150.00 per month for those who wish to utilize the Start Up package (mail service, premium business district address, discounts on meeting room use, and much more). This way, fellow attorneys who wish to start their own businesses can do so without having to quit their day job(s) or fear making a risky decision.


Contact Information:

Email: Contact Form

Phone: (212) 537-6967

Science and Technology

1. AgTech X


Founded in February 2017 to give fellow entrepreneurs a chance to help sustain the planet and provide them a place to file a plant patent, AgTech X is the only coworking space in Brooklyn, New York focused on food and agriculture.

In addition to offering its members clean, sustainable desk space, AgTech X also grants its members a creative, co-working lab, perfect for sustainable food & agriculture researchers, innovators, career transitioners, and investors alike.

At this time, AgTech Z offers its members three types of memberships:

  • The Flex membership, which consists of 8 hours of usage a week, free classes & more ($100 a month)
  • The Flex+ membership, which consists of 15 hours of usage a week and extended resources ($150 a month)
  • The Co-Working membership, which grants its members 24-hour access to all of its resources ($250 a month)

Contact information:

Email: agtech.x@gmail.com

Phone: (929) 356-4020

2. Green Desk


Affordable, flexible, and most importantly, eco-friendly, Green Desk is an environmentally supportive coworking space that offers its members private office spaces for as little as $350 a month, dedicated desks for as little as $199 a month and a hot desk option for as little as $150 a month.

Other than the fact that every building contains recycling bins for everything from paper to electronic waste, what makes this space especially eco-friendly is that they utilize eco-friendly products and a combination of renewable and traditional energy sources.

Best of all, you can bring your dog to work here at no extra charge!


Contact Information:

Email: sales@greendesk.com

Phone: (718) 210.3650

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)

1. Camp David


Founded by fellow entrepreneurs Erez Shternlicht and Mazdack Rassi to give fellow Industry City tenants a place to showcase their fondness for makespaces, Camp David is a coworking space that is open 24/7 to allow anyone who wants to combine their loves for makerspace culture and entrepreneurial culture together to do so.

Inside the space, users can take advantage of the spaces many features including but not limited to furnished workspaces, a courtyard with wifi, gym access (including showers and lockers), conference rooms, a full-service cafe, maker space, soundproofed content studio, lounges, and an office manager/concierge. 

For those who currently live in Industry City, Camp David offers its members a neighborhood rate. Otherwise, its work lounge starts at $300 a month whereas an assigned desk can start at $600 a month.


Contact Information:

Email: info@thecampdavid.com

Phone: 718-313-0111

2. Made in NY Media Center  


For those interested in film, television, gaming, social media, advertising, design, animation, music, mobile apps, transmedia, and many others, the Made in NY  Media Center is regarded as one of the best places to go to for those interested in combining art and technology.

Other than the fact that the center provides its members with classes and an art gallery, what makes this state-of-the-art coworking space stand out is that it offers an incubator on its premises. This way, no matter what your skill level is, anyone who is interested in succeeding in today’s artistic entrepreneurial market can do so.

Did we mention that the space also offer’s New York City’s very own Podcast Certificate program?


Contact Information:

Email: community@nymediacenter.com

Phone: (718) 729-6677

3. Pencil Works  


Looking for a unique coworking space that allows you to embrace your inner Brooklyn city designer and bring your pet to work? In that case, Pencil Works may just as well be up your alley!

Located in the Landmark Pencil Factory building in Greenpoint, Pencil Works is a STEAM-based coworking space that is open 24/7 and integrates “Great commercial industrial design with mixed old school factory charm”, as well as the latest VR and AR technologies according to another list of Brooklyn coworking spaces.  

While most of its current members specialize in marketing and architecture, anyone who is passionate about combining arts and technology together is welcome to join. Not to mention that it’s also a good place to meet up with a software patent attorney.

For those who enjoy biking around the city, PencilWorks offers a fleet of Brooklyn Bicycles to get around the neighborhood.


Contact Information:

Email: info@pencilwork.com

Phone: 646-396-3020

4. SPark Workshop Brooklyn 


SPark Workshop Brooklyn is a STEAM center coworking space that is heavily focused on wood and is located in the heart of Sunset Park at Industry City.

In addition to the usual amenities such as free coffee and a meeting room, SPark also contains 15 private studios ranging from 200 to 400 square foot, a classroom space, a wood shop with all of the necessary tools available (including a drill press), a freight elevator, and best of all, a laser cutter.

For those especially interested in architecture and/or makerspace culture, visitors can take advantage of the space for as little as $199 a month (paid quarterly). Meanwhile, shop + storage is $306 every three months.


Contact Information:

Email: info@sparkworkshopbrooklyn.com

Phone:  (917) 548-7487

More Power to Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

1. Ethel’s Club


A newcomer to the Brooklyn coworking scene, Ethel’s Club is considered the first private membership club and workspace created by people of color for people of color to work and collaborate with others in a safe environment.

According to its website, Ethel’s Club will be hosting a two-month-long “soft launch” starting June 2019, which will allow potential members and investors to test out the following: a cafe, a workspace with high-speed wifi and outlets, a comfortable social lounge with couches and chairs, Art installations from local artists and photographers, and programs and events centered around black and brown culture.

 For those in the area looking to try out the space, now is a good time to sign up and purchase tickets in advance.


Contact Information:

Email: naj@ethelsclub.com

Phone: N/A

2. New Women Space


While most women-led coworking spaces would define women from a biological standpoint, New Women Space is one of the few that targets women, femme, queer, transgender and gender nonconforming individuals according to its About page.

Founded in 2016 by fellow entrepreneurs Sandy Hong and Melissa Wong, New Women Space originally started out as a 30-day pop-up space. However, since then, it has continued to evolve. No longer is it just a place for women to work and network with other women under one roof. 

As of now, the space offers Sustaining Memberships, Space Rentals, a Retail Store, an Event cafe, and of course, a multitude of events and other opportunities for women to collaborate with one another.

Speaking of events, once a year, New Women Space hosts a Hustle Fest for anyone looking to brush up on their business skills.


Contact Information:

Email: hello@newwomenspace.com

Phone: (347) 762-2391

3. The Wing

Anything Else?

Opened since 2016, The Wing has been considered one of the main coworking spaces across America to give fellow female entrepreneurs especially a beautiful, collaborative workspace to work, collaborate, and learn in.

Depending on where your business is located, The Wing offers a plethora of amenities for even busy working mothers to take advantage of such as a pump room and a beauty room.

Here in Dumbo, members can take advantage of The Wing’s shows and lockers, phone booths, conference rooms, beauty room, Perch cafe, wellness rooms, and podcast room while enjoying the view of the Brooklyn Bridge for as little as $185 a month.

In some locations, The Wing offers a room called The Little Wing for mothers to drop off their little ones right before it’s time to interact with another client such as the one in San Francisco.

Of course, anyone can take advantage of The Wing’s many features so long as they’re willing to get along with their fellow coworkers.

Contact Information:

Email: sup@the-wing.com

Phone: N/A

Brooklyn Creative Co-working Special Offer

Anything Else?

There you have it, everyone! A complete, comprehensive list of all of the coworking spaces that exist in Brooklyn as of 2019.

  1. Arts, Crafts, and Culture
    1. 100 Bogart – Great for those looking for a state-of-the-art, dog-friendly creative coworking space
    2. Bat Haus – Great for those looking for an artistic space that also offers a private backyard
    3. Brooklyn Writer’s Space – Great for writers serious about writing
    4. Friends Work Here – Great for art enthusiasts who enjoy working in a boutique style collaborate environment
    5. Not an Alternative – Great for those looking to pursue their creative passions under a non-profit organization  
    6. Nowhere Studios – Great for those looking for a place to bake bread in while practicing their arts and crafts skills
    7. Park Slope Desk – Great for artists looking for a quiet, historical building to work in
    8. Prosper Gowork – Great for creative types looking for a place that provides all of the basic necessities for as little as $100 a month
    9. Rough Draft – Great for those looking for a quirky place to get the job done in
    10. SHARED Brooklyn – Great for those looking for a space that provides its members with natural lighting and a good view of New York Harbor
    11. The Bakery Brooklyn – Great for those looking to hold photo shoots in a former kosher bakery
  2. Business in Boutique
    1. Bond Collective – Great for those looking for a stylish place that offers “curated spaces and premium services”
    2. HESS Brooklyn – Great for those looking for a place that offers “top-of-the-line equipment and serious co-workers”
    3. Industrious Brooklyn – Great for those looking for a place that offers a wellness room, conference rooms covered with tasteful glass walls, and overly friendly staff members
    4. WeWork Brooklyn – Great for those looking for stylish coworking spaces located in historic buildings
    5. Workspace Williamsburg – Great for those looking to collaborate with different businesses from different work backgrounds in a boutique coworking space
  3. Community and Non-Profit
    1. BKLYN Commons – Great for those looking for a secluded, family-owned business right near Prospect Park
    2. Brooklyn Creative League – Great for those looking for a historic coworking space that offers its members discounts on Zipcar, Blink Fitness, and One Medical Group facilities
    3. Ditmas Workspace – Great for those looking for a family-run, quiet, secluded coworking space to get work done in
    4. Founders Workspace – Great for those looking for a community coworking space located in Windsor Terrace
    5. Smart Space – Great for those looking 24-hour coworking space complete with leasing options, drop-in rates, and hassle-free benefits
    6. The Brass Factory – Great for those looking for a newly renovated space, “flooded by natural light, generous service, and a vibrant international community”
    7. The Compound Cowork  – Great for those looking for a coworking space that is located next to Bikram yoga studio
  4. Generation Startup Friendly
    1. Brooklyn Works at 159 – Great for those looking for a flexible, startup-friendly coworking space located at Greenwood Heights
    2. Class & Co. – Great for young entrepreneurs looking for an educational, community-based coworking space that offers a meditation room, healthy snacks, and daily access to classes and event talks
    3. The Yard – Great for those looking for a space complete with a maze of private suites, shared desk space, and original artwork created by members of the space itself (most of them, anyway)
    4. Work Heights – Great for those looking to work in the Crown Heights area  at night (and on the weekends) for as little as $165 a month
  5. Health and Wellness
    1. Brooklyn Boulders – Great for rock climbing enthusiasts looking for a place to work and network in
    2. New Love City – Great for enlightening yoga enthusiasts with a space to work, network, and collaborate with others inside and outside
    3. Saint Lydia’s – Great for spiritualists looking for a quiet place to collaborate in  
  6. Law and Order
    1. Legal Link – Great for attorneys looking for a simple, tasteful coworking space
  7. Science and Technology
    1. AgTech X – Great for those looking for a space that is heavily focused on food and agriculture
    2. Green Desk – Great for those looking for a dog-friendly, environment-friendly workplace to work in
  8. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)
    1. Camp David – Great for those looking for a space dedicated to makerspace culture in Industry City
    2. Made in NY Media Center – Great for those looking for a space that offers a Podcast Certification Program and an artistic incubator
    3. Pencil Works – Great for historical building enthusiasts looking to utilize the latest and greatest VR and AR technologies into their work
    4. SPark Workshop Brooklyn – Great for those interested in working in a historic building to make their architecture and makerspace dreams a reality
  9. More Power to Women and Minority-Owned Businesses
    1. Ethel’s Club – Great for those looking for a space dedicated to entrepreneurs of color
    2. New Women Space – Great for those looking for a space that is open to women, femme, queer, transgender and gender nonconforming entrepreneurs
    3. The Wing – Great for women-led businesses looking for a place to interact with other women

In the meantime, are they any others that we missed that you think deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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