A Look Back at Our First 100 Episodes: Creating The Bold Today Show

Wow… 100 Episodes Already?

It’s hard to believe that I’ve written custom scripts for and shot over 100 episodes for our daily Bold Today Show production. Writing the patent law-related content, and presenting it in a very easily consumable way has been challenging and so rewarding for me as an Attorney and Managing Partner here at Bold Patents. So often I get asked about a particular area of Patent Law. The easy answer is to discuss the law, and the latest court case, and tell the person how complex things are and point out the gray areas of the law. The much harder way to answer the question is by giving them a clear articulation of the current law as well as you understand it in relatable, easy to understand language. I find that metaphors are a beautiful way to do this and have integrated them into my explanations of very complicated discussions about patent eligibility for software, for example.

Running Out of Topics?

No way! It’s one of those amazing things… the deeper I go, the more I realize I could talk about, and create series discussions about and help bring about a better understanding or clear up misconceptions about the law. In all honesty, I’m finding in some cases, areas of the law that I’ve been misspeaking for years about…and have corrected myself on the show. So, I see no shortage of topics, as there are now over 10 Million inventions patented, I should at least be able to make it to 10 Million shows without stopping! I’m going to make like my inventor clients and find a way to innovate, improve, and make a positive change in my show as I go.

Who’s Watching?

More than I thought. Haha, I realize that after 3-4 months of daily videos, I actually have over one hundred daily subscribers to our elite email distribution. We have nearly 50 subscribers on our YouTube page, and its growing. Like everything…it takes momentum to get going. And as I mentioned above, I’m actually enjoying the topics, and learning a ton from researching and developing the script/material anyway, why not share it on my Bold Today Show, right? My target audience is individual inventors, start-ups, and those looking for inspiration to get started. So often, people, and especially inventors can get caught up with making things perfect or being too worried about their idea being stolen. I try to nudge and encourage them by showing examples of patents that got issued on very trivial subjects for example or tell stories of case law that have broadened the power of patents and their enforceability in federal court. I love telling stores about a small inventor taking a large company to task – cheering on the Davids of the inventor world. These stories are meant to inspire and encourage action, innovation, and positive change! That’s why we do what we do here at Bold.

Keeping the Bold Today Show Going!

So, if you’re feeling compelled to join the 100+ daily subscribers to my Bold Today Show, please visit the landing page here and Join us. Go Big, Go Bold!

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