Eric Askeland

Technical CAD Artist


Eric Askeland is the Bold Patents firm’s Technical CAD Artist who designs the patent illustration for clients.
Eric is currently getting his B.S. in Industrial Design at Cal State Long Beach. He focuses on 2D and 3D rapid prototyping, digital design and hand-drawing. Eric has experience with various computer aided, digital software including: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Sketchbook, Adobe Photoshop; InDesign; Illustrator and KeyShot. Eric also manages the lower-division shop and advises students on their design projects and power tools.

In addition to this, Eric is an experienced Senior Coach, Camp Director at California Sports Club. He coaches fencing, archery and is certified as a monitor for foil and saber fencing. Using his strong communication and leadership skills, Eric also organized summer camps for Parks and Recreation and YMCA by designing creative drills, games and exercises. He teaches private lessons, building a unique plan for each student to improve on their skills with an end goal. Eric has a background in team building workshops for employees from high tech companies such as Google.

On his spare time, Eric likes to draw, go to museums, and plays board and card games.

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